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Torchlight II
Torchlight II

Review: Torchlight II for PC

By Zara Baxter

Clicky is the word that best describes Torchlight II. Make no mistake, it's a frenetic click-fest the likes of which even Diablo III can't match. (And there's my inevitable comparison to Diablo.) But it's also very easy to click with Torchlight. It's an engaging, accessible and easy-to-play game. Having said that, there's challenge aplenty for those looking for a tougher game.

You play one of four character types - engineer, berserker, embermage or outlander - as you run around giant maps, thwacking baddies and helping people out on tiny, small-scale, medium, large, and bumper-funsize quests.

There's one main quest, but to be honest, there are so many sidequests that it's alarmingly easy to lose track of it.

Torchlight II is not exactly an epic RPG, but it falls roughly into that genre, with a modicum of dungeon-bash and a slice of steampunk aesthetic. As with most RPGs, you level up frequently, assigning stat points and skills to your character to develop them.

Honestly, the game is just plain fun: it's far too easy to sit down to play for five minutes and look up from your screen to find five hours have passed. Torchlight II strings together missions, maps and monsters in a continuous stream that allows you to just immerse yourself. I'd almost forgotten how fantastic that feeling is. The only real downside, for me, was that the music and effects turned me from smiley, happy player into a wild-eyed killer in about five minutes.

In all, Torchlight II is incredibly good value for the $20 you'll spend. Go get it.