Review: K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard

The K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard
The K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard

K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard

For Mac, iPad, iPhone

(Logitech )

Reviewed by Chris Gardner

Running out of power can be a huge inconvenience when you're on the road with your Mac, iPad or iPhone.

As the name suggests Logitech's K760 wireless solar keyboard needs no batteries, as it is powered by sunlight.

I was impressed how quickly it was up and running as soon as I got this ultra thin and ultra light peripheral out of the box.

I simply flicked the on/off switch in the keyboard's top right-hand corner and the blue light, which shows a Bluetooth radio signal is being sent, began flashing in the keyboard's top left-hand corner. I was then prompted to type some random numbers on my iPad to get the two talking to each other.

A slight curve in the keys make this keyboard a far more preferable option than the on-screen keyboard of the iPad. Firstly, it helps keep your fingers in place and secondly, the fact that you are hitting a real key when you are typing sends all the right messages to the typist's brain.

At just over half a centimetre thick this keyboard is almost identical to Apple's own iPad keyboard. They both present white keys in a brushed aluminium frame backed with white plastic. They look as though they have come out of the same factory. But there are two distinct differences. The Logitech keyboard includes no battery compartment, instead boasting a solar strip running above the function keys, and carries the Logitech logo instead of the Apple one. While the Logitech is slightly larger by a solar strip than its Apple compatriot, it is a far better choice for the road warrior who wants to be sure his keyboard will work when he needs it.