App of the week

If you enjoy listening to interesting programmes on the radio then you should be listening to podcasts too.

The diversity of these audio (and video) broadcasts is exceptional - covering just about any topic you may be interested in.

One of the most popular podcast apps is Apple's simply titled Podcasts for iOS.

It can run on the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.

Most podcasts are available for free and the app lets you search or browse for new ones and subscribe so that they are automatically downloaded to your iDevice as they become available.

Podcasts provides the convenience of remembering which podcasts you've subscribed to so if,  for instance, you change to a new iPhone 5 then the app in conjunction with iCloud will remember podcast subscriptions from your previous phone.

Podcast apps are also available across most platforms, however Apple has led the way in supporting podcasting.

Sadly Microsoft has yet to announce any built-in support for podcasts in Windows 8 or even for local Windows Phone users.