App of the week: LinkedIn

20:16, Nov 23 2012

LinkedIn, picked by Gorilla Technology's Paul Spain , host of 

Have you ever traded business cards with someone? Even if you haven't, LinkedIn is the one social network most likely to help your endeavours in the working world. In many ways, LinkedIn is the Facebook of the professional - but in actuality it's a really useful tool for most people.

With more than 187 million users, a growing percentage of the working population are members. If you're not already signed up you probably should be and if you're in the club it may be worth spending more time using this fantastic networking tool.

So what can come out of effectively utilising LinkedIn? Many active users of LinkedIn have stories to share of their success. I've personally generated considerable business from keeping in touch with my network via LinkedIn and I know of others who regularly see job offers and opportunities come from smart use of what some people see as simply a modern-day rolodex.

In addition, there are lots of groups where you can read what others have to share and ask questions that may help you in your work. It's worth noting that LinkedIn is much like everything else in life - you get out what you put in.

You'll find LinkedIn online and the free LinkedIn app is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.