Me and my gadget: Apple TV

Daniel Olander and Apple TV.
Daniel Olander and Apple TV.

Daniel Olander, assistant manager at Yoobee at The Base shopping centre in Hamilton, tells Chris Gardner why he's watching Apple TV tonight. 

What's your favourite gadget?

Apple TV (RRP $159).

What do you mainly use it for?

I am a bit of a music and movie nut, so pretty much everything really. By itself, I use it for YouTube or Vimeo access, online radio stations, and with the installation of ultrafast broadband to my house, online movie rentals through the iTunes Movie Store.

I use it to stream video and music from either my MacBook Pro or iMac, using AirPlay or Home Sharing, as well as my iOS devices.

The ability to mirror the iPad screen is also really helpful. I also use two apps, TuneIn Radio and Plex, stream radio, video and music to Apple TV.

Apple's new cloud-based music service, iTunes Match, allows me access to all my music and movies, without the need for a computer on the network.

Did I also mention I am a bit of an Apple fan?

What would you change to make it better?

I would add the ability to connect external storage, or to be able to play things such as TVNZ OnDemand or iSky. But knowing Apple, neither of these things are going to happen. And if they could figure out an easy way to find the remote when it falls down behind the couch, that would be great.