Review: Via 620

The Via 620
The Via 620

Via 620

(TomTom, $329)

Reviewed by Chris Gardner

Some of the latest smartphones come with global positioning system (GPS) applications pre-installed.

Nokia Drive, which comes on the manufacturer's Lumia Windows Phone range that now includes the Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 handset, is absolutely brilliant.

As smartphone ownership increases, such applications are likely to pose more and more of a threat to the traditional manufacturers such as Navman and TomTom. TomTom is tackling this in two ways - creating applications that can be downloaded from smartphone app stores, and making GPS units that are larger than smartphones. The TomTom Via 620 is such a device.

Is this a GPS device or a tablet computer, I wondered when I got this out of its box. Its six-inch screen makes it only just smaller than some of the Android tablets knocking around from the likes of Motorola and Samsung.

It comes with a car charger, the type that plugs into the cigarette lighter, as well as a USB-style charger, which connects to the approximately 1 -metre USB cable that plugs into the car charger at one end and the Via 620 at the other.

An 8-centimetre diameter mount disk can be stuck to the dashboard via the included 3M adhesive, or you can mount it on the windscreen with the usual suction cup.

At home, the USB cable is used to update the Via 620 by plugginig it into a computer with the MyTomTom support application.

After plugging the Via 620 in you're prompted to browse to where you are guided to download the application.

It doesn't take more than a few minutes to download it, and it's simple to use.

Any GPS device is only as good as its maps and, thanks to TomTom's crowd-sourced Map Share Community, you'll get free daily updates.

A nice bit of functional kit.