Game on: Assassin's Creed III

20:59, Dec 19 2012
Assassin's Creed III
Assassin's Creed III

Assassin's Creed III for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

(Developer: Ubisoft Montreal, Publisher: Ubisoft, Rating: R16)

Reviewed by Siobhan Keogh

I was looking forward to Assassin's Creed III's new setting in revolutionary America, the ability to climb the natural environment as well as the manmade one and the half-Native-American protagonist attempting to cope with an unfriendly time period. Unfortunately, Assassin's Creed III didn't entirely deliver.

Let's start with the pros: the story is as good as it has ever been. The addition of naval combat was also a welcome surprise, and it's fun to sail the high seas, taking out enemy ships with big guns. It's easy to get the hang of the basics, but still challenging when you've got 10 ships coming at you at once. The setting is wonderful and exploring it is a joy. The two cities you'll frequent, Boston and New York, look great and are immaculately researched.

But navigating rural environments is difficult. It's easy to leap up the wrong branch, or try to climb trees you can't (and vice versa).


Assassin's Creed III also lacks likeable characters. The main character, Connor, is constantly on his high horse yelling at the people who are trying to help him.

The first third of the 25-hour game is basically a lengthy tutorial and it's just boring. The rest of the game fails to adequately make up for it.

The game is also buggy - more than once I encountered bugs that were almost game-breaking - and there are pop-ins and other graphical issues aplenty.

Multiplayer is great and now adds co-op mode Wolfpack, which requires you and three buddies to hunt down enemies as a group.

Ubisoft has tried to make a grand, epic story and scale, and that's fantastic, but the game feels unfinished. Still, the story, richly detailed setting, and always-a-blast multiplayer made me feel it wasn't a total waste.