Review: Styleshaver Pro QS6140

20:59, Dec 19 2012
Styleshaver Pro
The Styleshaver Pro QS6140.

Styleshaver Pro QS6140

(Philips, $249.95)

Reviewed by Chris Gardner

Like the Roman god Bacchus, the Phillips Styleshaver Pro has two sides to it.

One side has a dual foil shaver with trimmer designed to give a perfectly clean shave even on tough beards. The other side has a beard and stubble trimmer with 12 length settings from 0.5 millimetres to 10mm.

I especially grew a William T Riker-style beard to put this personal grooming tool, which is waterproof, through its paces.


A lot of people, except for my wife, complimented me on the beard, which means the Styleshaver Pro's beard and stubble trimmer did more than a fair job of keeping me tidily groomed. No-one picked that it was a Riker-style beard, however.

The dual foil shaver with trimmer, however, did not perform nearly as well as the beard and stubble trimmer. I used this end of the shaver to shave my beard off. It took several attempts to remove the facial hair, which in my case is more like a wire brush, and it still was not satisfactory. I ended up tidying the mess on my face with a standard wet-shave razor.

I wasn't surprised to get this result as it is consistent with just about every electric razor that I have tried since I was a teenager, bar another Philips model I have tried.

I much preferred Philips' wet and dry shaver which I reviewed last year. That, with its twirling blades, has what it takes to give me a close shave as good as a standard razor.

I've never really had a satisfactory shave from a foil-style electric razor.