App of the week: Trade Me for Panasonic Viera smart TV

20:59, Dec 19 2012

Trade Me for Panasonic Viera smart TV picked by Gorilla Technology's Paul Spain, host of the NZ Tech podcast

Have you ever missed the end of a Trade Me auction for something you really wanted? The Trade Me app which has recently become available for Panasonic's Viera smart televisions aimed to help solve that problem.

The Trade Me TV application has two modes of operation. Firstly, it has an alert function that pops a message on to your television screen a pre-determined time before the end of an auction so you don't miss the end of bidding. In addition, you can allow the Trade Me app to take over the screen so you can bid through your television. In this mode you can still watch TV but the programme you are watching is reduced in size to make room for Trade Me functionality.

The key limitation of the Trade Me app currently is that you must have a Viera television. I'm certain for some this will be reason enough to buy a new TV. If you have a different smart TV there's still a good chance this app will become available in the months ahead.