Review: Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet 150

21:50, Jan 16 2013
Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet 150
Poratble: Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet 150

Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet 150

Reviewed by Chris Gardner

Hewlett-Packard has released the world's first portable all-in-one printer in New Zealand.

The OfficeJet 150 printer, scanner and photocopier works connected to the main electricity supply and a computer, as well as unplugged from the wall on a wireless connection to the computer.

Out of the box the OfficeJet 150 feels like a notebook computer folded in half. It's as long as a notebook, half as deep but twice as high.

The lid flips open to become a paper feeder, a control panel with a 6 centimetre touch display pops put of the machine's guts and another small door.


Like a notebook computer you attach a long and thin battery which charges when it is connected to the main electricity supply.

It takes HP cartridges 95 and 98 and in the week or so I had a demo model I printed a 100-page Microsoft Word document, a 168-page PDF of an instruction manual and a dozen birthday party invitations.

The output from OJ150 showed no sign of dimming in that time.

Instead of a flatbed scanner, common in other all-in-one models, the OJ150 scans and copies photographs and documents through a feed in port. You need to be careful to feed the source in straight otherwise it will reproduce at that angle. It's a case of less haste more speed.

Charging from the mains doesn't take long, and battery life away from the mains was pretty good.

This is a great piece of kit for road warriors, and if space is a premium at home it's good for stowing away.

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