Review: Sonicare AirFloss 100 series

Sonicare AirFloss 100 series.
Sonicare AirFloss 100 series.

Sonicare AirFloss 100 series


Reviewed by Chris Gardner

Hate flossing your teeth?

Philips hopes you will dispense with the stringy stuff and grow to love flossing with its Sonicare AirFloss 100 series.

Before it can be used, out of the box, it needs to sit atop its main charger for 24 hours. The charge indicator, built into the handle, flashes green until it is fully charged. When there's fewer than three uses left, the light turns yellow and flashes.

The AirFloss nozzle also needs to be attached before the device can be used and the reservoir in the handle also needs to be filled with water or mouthwash. It's small so won't hold much more than about a mouthwash bottle cap full.

With the power on, the activation button needs pressing six times before the device will work.

The tip is placed between the teeth and gentle pressure is applied as the activation button is pressed to deliver air and water or mouthwash. I found it much easier, and more comfortable, to use than Philips new DiamondClean toothbrush.

Only time will tell whether the SonicCare AirFloss 100 series is as effective as traditional floss, but it's certainly more fun.