Me and my gadget: Body Composition Analyser

20:54, Jan 30 2013
Body Composition Analyser
Body analyser: Determines a person’s fat, muscle, fluid, and bone composition.

Mary Collins of Vibra-Train Hamilton tells Chris Gardner why the Body Composition Analyser - Biospace Salus - is her favourite gadget.

What is my favourite gadget?

One of my favourite gadgets would have to be our Body Composition Analyser Biospace Salus. It gives us a snapshot of each body's composition, for example, how much fat, muscle, fluid, and bone each has. The BCA provides an A4 printout showing the standard acceptable (healthy range) for a person's age, height and gender and then compares that with how that body is actually comprised.

What do you mainly use it for?

Having the BCA gives proof that muscle is building and body fat is going down - even if the overall body weight measure on the scales doesn't shift very much. When you're carrying more muscle, it means your body naturally has a higher metabolism, which in turn means you're able to eat a lot more. Obviously that doesn't mean anything you want!

Another example of why the BCA is one of our favourite gadgets is that of a lady a while ago who was told by her doctor she had to lose half her weight (according to her BMI). For this woman it meant going from 140kg to 70kg. Mentally, it was beyond her. She felt there was no way she could ever do that. Physically, she was carrying a lot of muscle and was big-boned.

After her BCA test she was relieved to learn her goal weight should be a healthy 100kg. She still had a bit to lose but it was far more realistic given her amount of muscle and bone.

How would you change it to make it better?

If it was more portable we could take the BCA to different places to show workplaces/corporates just how healthy their staff is. We do this but it takes a bit of organising and being portable would make it much easier to do.