Review: Jas Pro Macbook Display Stand

Success: Jas Pro Macbook Display Stand
Success: Jas Pro Macbook Display Stand

Jas Pro Macbook Display Stand

(Cooler Master)

Reviewed by Mike Scott

I haven't thought much about the performance of Cooler Master's Jas Pro Macbook Pro Display Stand, because there has been no need to.

I believe that is a sign of success.

The stand looks good, with the aluminium finish completely at peace with the Macbook Pro and Apple LED Cinema Display.

The height I have adjusted it to is perfect and never varies. The rubber grips means it does not slip, even under the weight of the 17" Macbook Pro personal computer.

My computer continues to work well and is likely to be cooler than when placed directly on a flat top wooden block, which is good for minimising wear and tear on the processor.

The Jas Pro display stand is also promoted as being small and discreet enough to be mobile. I have never had the need to move it, but the tight, tidy design does enable it to be folded up and popped in a bag.

So, when I give it a bit of thought I have to report the stand works . . . well. Well enough that I won't have to think too much about it again . . . until it is gone.