App of the week: Vine

Vine, chosen by Paul Spain of Gorilla Technology and the NZ Tech Podcast.

When it comes to new apps, Vine was not one I expected to amount to much. That changed as soon as I had a chance to play with this new app from New York-based Vine (who have been acquired by Twitter).

The concept behind Vine is described as doing for video what Twitter did for blogging. Vine is all about creating very short and concise videos - and generally very quickly. It limits videos to just six seconds. That sounds short and it is.

What's great though is just how quick the videos are to compile - note you compile videos rather than edit them. Six-second videos are produced by grabbing small snippets of video (or even stop capture) footage from inside the app. This happens by touching the screen - for instance touch your phone screen for just a second on six separate occasions and you'll have enough footage to have created a Vine. Then you can instantly share it on Facebook, Twitter or Vine itself.

At present, Vine is available only for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices, but it's likely to arrive on other platforms soon if it takes off.