Review: Facebook for Dummies

Facebook for Dummies
Facebook for Dummies

Facebook for Dummies

(Wiley, $32.99)

By Carolyn Abram and Leah Pearlman

Reviewed by Chris Gardner

Facebook gets a lot of bad press around privacy. But like most human creations it's what we do with them that makes it good or bad.

So if you've been put off by the bad publicity but are curious about whether Facebook could work for you, this book is worth a look.

It will probably open your mind.

It's written by Carolyn Abram, one of the first Facebook users on America's west coast, and Leah Pearlman, a product manager for Facebook who works on its internal communications team.

So it's no surprise that they describe Facebook as "such a great product to write about and use".

They point out, in the introduction, that nearly every piece of information and means of connection on Facebook comes with full privacy controls allowing users, 13 years old and over, to share and communicate exactly how and with whom they desire.

Its divided into five parts: Getting started with Facebook, Sharing Your Life on Facebook, Getting Organised, Delving Further into Facebook and The Part of Tens. In The Part of Tens the writers look at 10 great third-part applications, 10 ways Facebook uniquely impacts lives, 10 questions they're often asked and 10 true Facebook tales.

It tells you how to get started, what you should and shouldn't put in your profile, how to choose who sees that information and how to search Facebook for old and new friends.

There are also sections on how to use Facebook to plan events, advertise business and promote a community group.

Download cheat sheet here.


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