App of the week: Skyscanner

This week's app: Skyscanner
This week's app: Skyscanner

Skyscanner picked by Paul Spain of Gorilla Technology and the NZ Tech Podcast.

Do you love to travel? If you do, then Skyscanner is an app which might help encourage you to get away a little more often.

The Skyscanner app visually highlights spots on the globe you can travel to affordably. By linking up with airline lists the app shows destinations along with the price to fly there.

When I fired up the Skyscanner app I could immediately see discounted fares to Samoa, Sydney and Wellington and with a flick of the finger also found great fares for flights into Asia too. Once you've found where you'd like to go, Skyscanner connects with an online booking website so can quickly secure your seat.

Skyscanner is free for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.