Tech tips: Malware

20:29, Feb 06 2013

Imagine the frustration of purchasing a new computer, taking it home and setting it up, only for it to get infected with malware the following day.

Glywn McInnes, of Hamilton, encountered this scenario with her machine being "taken over" by Incredibar's MyStart. To add insult to injury, her new computer was running antivirus software provided free by the computer manufacturer.

"So much for the Symantec protection, eh?" Glywn writes, "it says that my system is free of problems. Perhaps Mystart has engulfed them as well!"

MyStart by Incredibar is a browser hijacker that alters internet web browser settings on infected computers. This malware also downloads files and creates registry entries that are essential for it to complete certain tasks.

Typically, MyStart enters your computer through other programs or freeware which you have downloaded from a third-party provider. The malware secretly installs without your consent when you install the programme that you initially downloaded.

Once MyStart is installed, it redirects your web browser to, which is a search engine similar to Google and Bing. Unlike traditional search engines, this malware causes your computer to display a barrage of advertisements, with the intention of creating revenue for its developer through online marketing campaigns.

Detailed instructions for eliminating from your system can be found at here.

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