App of the week: Speed Test

20:13, Feb 13 2013

Speed Test chosen by Paul Spain of Gorilla Technology and NZ Tech Podcast.

Do you ever feel your internet connection isn't as fast as it should be? I do, and far too often.

The Speed Test app lets you check just how quickly your internet connection is operating. Once you've used it a few times you'll know what's normal for your own internet and will be able to compare it with future results. This information becomes helpful if you need to call your internet provider about performance issues.

Typical ADSL internet download performance results in NZ range between 1 and 20 Megabits a second (Mbps). Ultra-fast broadband (UFB) connections are much quicker and usually between 25Mbps and 90Mbps. Mobile internet speeds vary even more but in the future with 4G LTE will be similar to UFB.

Speed Tests can be carried out using the mobile app or by visiting from a PC or Mac.