Game on: Into the Dead for iOS

Into the Dead for iOS
Into the Dead for iOS

Into the Dead for iOS

(Developer: PikPok, Free)

Reviewed by Harley Ogier

Wellington-based developer PikPok's latest iOS creation contains zombies. A lot of zombies.

While it doesn't really freshen up the zombie concept, it does make excellent use of the shambling monstrosities, despite - or perhaps because of - its exceptionally simple mechanic and lack of plot.

At the start of the game, you face a helicopter crash and zombies everywhere. Silly zombies, helicopters don't have brains. Oh wait, you have a brain. Time to turn and run.

You have two controls at the beginning of the game: Veer left, and veer right. You can use other methods of controlling the game, but leaning left or right feels close to how you'd actually veer whilst running at full clip.

Your goal is to veer around the many, many zombies and run as far as you can. If you run directly into a zombie, they eat your face and you lose. There's no health, or lives . . . having your face eaten once is a pretty clear game-over sign. I mean, you only have the one face.

Weapon caches marked with burning flares are dotted around the place - there aren't many and the weapons have limited ammunition. Your first weapon is a semi-automatic pistol - additional weapons are unlocked by completing gameplay challenges, or can be unlocked early via in-game purchases.

You tap the screen to fire the weapon - there's no free-aiming. You just run directly toward a zombie, tapping like crazy to ensure you take them down before you barge into them and lose your life. Once the ammunition is gone, you drop the weapon.

After each run, you're awarded in-game credit based on how far you travelled with an intact face. That credit can be spent on perks that make your run easier - such as a "head start", (beginning the run 1500 metres from the chopper) a weapon or more ammunition than usual.

The 3D graphics are great, the price is right and gameplay is enjoyable and fluid. It is pretty much "free-running with zombies", and it is the best mobile game I have played so far.