Tech tips: Google chrome

Who hacked your Google Chrome?

Some users of Google Chrome have noticed a faceless head on the top left corner of their browser. Darryl Anderson, of Cambridge, emailed iTimes about "random users in Google Chrome". He checked the settings and "has a user called Buttondown". He performed a Google search of the problem and many other people have the same thing, but according to the results, the general consensus was that if he removed it then he may have problems.

In Chrome, a dialog box appears when clicking on a profile. Chances are you'll find Mia or Salinero named in there. If you do find a profile other than your own don't panic! Everything is fine. Mia and Salinero are not members of a hacker team. They are just example profiles for the multiple users feature in Google Chrome, which you can use to share Chrome with family or friends on a single computer.

The main function of multiple users is to personalise the Chrome browser so that user data such as bookmarks, history, and extensions do not mix with other users' data. Since each user has their own bookmarks, and other personal settings, these can be used on any computer or laptop if they sign in to Chrome.

In addition to the name Mia or Salinero, you will find other names like Agent X, bluesy, ButtonDown, Lemonade, Moonbeam, Pickels, Saratoga, Sneaky, Awesome, Fritz and many more.

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