Game on: Far Cry 3

20:04, Feb 27 2013
Far Cry 3
Far Cry 3 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Far Cry 3 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

(Developer: Ubisoft Montreal; Publisher: Ubisoft; Rating: R18;)

Reviewed by Reagan Morris

In Far Cry 3 we're introduced to a group of party-going Americans on holiday. Something goes wrong and the main protagonists end up locked in cages by a gang leader.

A quick attempt at escape and one dead brother later, Jason is on a mission to save his group and take vengeance. After nearly drowning, he's rescued and introduced to the natives of Rook Islands, the Rakyat. The Rakyat talk with Kiwi accents - and even occasionally speak Maori - and they're being terrorised by Vaas and his men. Jason decides to not only free his friends, but also take on the role of powerful warrior and leader of the Rakyat.

Far Cry 3 is full of amazing, well-written, well-acted characters and then there's Jason. Video games don't always aim for realism, but everything else is so good in comparison that it's easy to be distracted when Jason opens his mouth.


Thankfully the islands provide plenty to see and do. First you'll need to take over Vaas' many outposts, and that will unlock hunting and mercenary side missions.

The story may only take you 10-12 hours, but to see and complete everything takes more than 40 hours. It is breathtaking: Scenery that retains its detail right to the horizon, fantastic looking character models, a huge assortment of context sensitive animations, lush grassy environments and visual effects to spare.

A lot of first-person shooters try to ensure that you see the action from the players' perspective during crucial moments but none of them do it as well as this. The motion of the camera, the animation of the characters, and the mixture of voice acting and motion capture almost give the game a "found footage" feel.

With a separate co-op story and island, map editor, online multiplayer modes and hours of single player gaming, Far Cry 3 has a lot to offer. Ubisoft has also improved or removed everything that people disliked about its predecessor.