Review: Ultimate Ears 9000 Wireless Headphones

20:08, Feb 27 2013
Ultimate Ears 9000 Wireless Headphones.
Ultimate Ears 9000 Wireless Headphones.

Ultimate Ears 9000 Wireless Headphones

(Logitech, $599.90)

Reviewed by Chris Gardner

Logitech must have known I wanted to get my hands on the Ultimate Ears 9000 Wireless Headphones. They come with a microfibre polishing cloth designed to remove fingerprints.

The review unit I received, which had been handled by other technology journalists before me, was as clean as new and so it will be when it leaves the Waikato Times office for its next testing assignment.

The Ultimate Ears 9000 Wireless Headphones are one of the most solid pairs of headphones I have used and I've reviewed a few in recent years.


It has a pair of old style padded ear cushions which swivel sideways for transport in the included moulded travel case. So there's no chance of damaging these beauties in transit.

Because they employ the latest technology, the headphones need to be charged via their micro USB slot before you can use them. So plugging them into the mains or a computer will do the job.

Then it's a case of switching them on, pairing them with a Bluetooth capable music source or plugging in the audio cable, and you're away.

The sound quality, as you'd expect from a high-end pair of headphones like this, is epic - even when the source is an MP3 file.

They were great during a recent family trip up north, when the kids wanted to listen to Paddington Bear en route and I didn't.

There's an on/off switch and volume control on the headphones and more controls on the cord, including call answer and hang up, if you want to use the headphones with a smartphone.

One thing to watch out for, though, is letting the headphones power drain. I managed to leave them on the first time I used them and came back the next day to find them flat.

There are instructions on how to remove the integrated battery if it should fail and how to dispose of it. But the other question I had was battery replacement. I'm not sure how easy it would be to get a new rechargeable battery for them.