Review: Ultimate Ears Mobile Boombox

21:35, Mar 06 2013
Ultimate Ears Mobile Boombox.
Ultimate Ears Mobile Boombox.

Ultimate Ears Mobile Boombox

(Logitech, $149.90)

Reviewed by Chris Gardner

I'm beginning to see, or is that hear, why Logitech bought out the Ultimate Ears brand.

The Ultimate Ears Mobile Boombox has got to be heard to be believed.

It's a Bluetooth speaker small enough to rest in the palm of your hand. It charges via a USB cable plugged into the mains or a personal computer. A few hours' charge gives days of playback.


It connects to your music source, a personal computer, tablet or smartphone, via Bluetooth radio. Just flick the on/off switch on the back to one, press the Bluetooth button on the top, and tap to pair.

If your device hasn't got a Bluetooth transmitter, the Boombox has an old-fashioned 3.5-inch audio in jack socket.

As well as controlling volume on your playback device, it's got a volume up and down button, which is easy to see.

Audio quality is as good as CD quality even when playing back from an MP3 file.

Range is good, too: The signal went through three walls in my house.

It's snazzy and is wrapped in a protective rubber case so that it doesn't disco across the desk - or wherever you place it - as it plays.