Doctor Who: The Official Virtual Tardis for iOS

Last updated 12:18 03/04/2014
Doctor Who: The Official Virtual Tardis for iOS
LANDED: The TARDIS lands in Hamilton courtesy of the Doctor Who: The Official Virtual Tardis for iOS.

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Doctor Who: The Official Virtual Tardis for iOS

REVIEW: (Useless Creations, $1.99)

Reviewed by Chris Gardner

I'd give real money if apps could translate to real life.

Useless Creations, the Australian company that created the Official Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver for iOS, is back with The Official Virtual Tardis.

It's designed for the iPhone and iPad but also works on the iPod Touch.

Launch the app and you're confronted with the Doctor's iconic space/time machine the Tardis bobbing, bottle like, in the shifting eddies of the constantly changing time vortex.

There's two modes. One tap will turn your device into a virtual Tardis or you can see the Tardis in the real world. Land it by placing the device upright on a flat surface or swiping down. The flash on the device flickers, emulating the Tardis's roof light, and the materialisation sound emanates from the speaker.

When landed, drag it left or right to rotate the ship and tap the Tardis to open and close the door. Swiping up, or lifting the device, will cause the Tardis to take off. Moving the device slowly flies the Tardis against the backdrop of the real world, moving it fast causes the time vortex to whirl in the background. Fly in the vortex long enough and the Tardis ends up in deep space. Tap the camera icon any time in this mode and get a photo of the Tardis against the backdrop of the real world.

In the second mode the Tardis is in flight off screen and it's up to you to track it by waving the device around and force it to land by holding your finger on the screen. This is the mode to use if you want to snap your family outside the Tardis or the Tardis outside your workplace.

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