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Last updated 11:45 08/05/2012
Marcel Lucont
GALLIC SYMBOL: Marcel Lucont

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Marcel Lucont - Gallic Symbol
Wellington, San Francisco Bath House, May 7

Marcel Lucont is a raconteur, poet and chansonnier extraordinaire.

France's premier misanthropist and lover performs his show Gallic Symbol clad in his trademark blue 70s suit, a glass of red wine in hand, and a certain je ne sais quoi in his attitude.

First up he congratulates the audience for their great taste for coming to his show. "Choosing a comedy show is a bit like choosing a sexual partner; you ask yourself questions like 'will he last the whole hour'".

Marcel Lucont is the creation of British Comedian Alexis Dubus, who portraits the self-obsessed, arrogant Gallic with an obsession for breasts.

His show is highly sexualised without drifting into vulgarity. Dubus is an excellent word-smith who meanders with a laid-back rhythm and thick faux-French accent through the one hour show.

He quotes from his works like "manual of a sex addict - thinking outside the box", recites his poetic musings on breasts, finds a wife and teaches the audience 50 ways to leave their lover.

Where he really has the audience is when he's telling English jokes, while staying in his guise as Frenchman, providing a hilarious parody of British humour.

Taking on an accent for a comic purpose can sometimes fall a bit flat, but Dubus manages to keep it funny with sharp wit and wordplay.

Did we have a good time with Monsieur Lucont? Merde, oui!

Marcel Lucont performs at the May 7 to 12 at the San Francisco Bath House in Wellington.

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