Review: Get (Even) Better Work Stories

Last updated 10:37 11/05/2012

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Vitale Joseph, Daniel Shenton, Jarred Bosecke, Tito & Ants Heath: Get (Even) Better Work Stories.
Wellington, Meow, May 10.

If you feel like you've got a job that's akin to vigorously rubbing a cheese grater against your head, Daniel Shenton, Jared Bosecke, Tito, Vitale Joseph and Ants Heath reckon they can beat it.

From the weird to the wonderful, the quintet take to the mic to prove they invented the definition of ''bad job'' in an hour-and-a-bit-long show.

Heath certainly managed to warm up the crowd in breath-taking fashion. But in the first 20 seconds it was apparent that this might not be the kind of show you'd take the grandparents to or head to yourself if you're a bit of a prude and offended by a bit ... OK, a lot ... of swearing.

He had the audience in fits of laugher describing his experience of driving Wellington's cable car stoned and the pitfalls of switching to the drug speed while in control of something that only meanders along at 13kmh.

The rest of the crew were good, but I'm not sure any of them could hold a candle to Heath's energy.

At the end of the performance I did felt a little bit iffy. I had expected a lot more laughs. Don't get me wrong - there were plenty and the audience were constantly giggling.

Perhaps it was my terrible choice in beer (tasting like it had been distilled in a compost heap) that put a dampener on the evening. There could have been a lot more people there to boost the vibe.

Perhaps I shouldn't have gone completely sober - it was 10pm after all. But there was a bit of a gap between what I expected and what I actually saw.

Still, one can't deny that it was a good show and in spite of all my rambling there were some extremely funny stories from the five performers.

If you've got a blank space in the calendar and are after some down-to-earth New Zealand comedy then these guys would certainly give you some laughs.


Wellington: Wednesday, May 9 to Saturday. May 12 @ 10pm

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