Friday Funny: Bad NZ music videos

Last updated 13:34 03/08/2012
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A collection of the 10 worst New Zealand music videos.

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We have a little obsession with music videos gone awry and one doesn't have to look far to find some real beauties. New Zealanders have created their fair share of cringe-worthy clips.

Young Tyler Winters, featuring his rapping sidekick Stormcloud, has written an ode to the girl of his dreams: The song is oozing of autotune-goodness and has the catchy title You're My STD - which of course stands for Sexy Teen Dream.

Singer turned TV presenter Drew Neemia's video to Get Over You also comes with a high cringe factor.

While he's running frantically through a high-rise building, the (we assume) woman of his heart is sprawling on a box, touching herself like she's got some sort of rash, surrounded by a quartet of men wearing masks like Jason from the horror movie Friday the 13th. Quite bizarre.

But Drew's also rather good at passionately starring at the ocean, as he's showcasing in his second track, Feel Alright.

Wellington's Jevan's debut single Loud got it all: A lot of autotune, outrageous clothes, great shots of the Beehive and former MP Georgina Beyer as a special guest.

JGeek and the Geeks have also made it on our list with their track Maori Boy. Bright coloured suits, lots of bare chests and hilarious lyrics make this an acoustic and visual, err, pleasure to watch.

And there's Fast Crew's I Got. While we have to give it to the boys that there are some sleek break dance moves, these guys just seem a bit too much like roosters on speed.

Another kind of beautiful is Dr Glam's Ghost Train. Who wouldn't want to see a grown-up man with badly applied silver face paint in a ghost train?

Cringe worthy music videos are surely not a strictly male domain. There's a bunch of females artists who made it on our list.

Popstars' True Bliss are just 'fooling around', Talita Summer seems to film herself while presumably naked, flirting with the camera and singing about love, while Hayley's Westenra's video Who Painted The Moon Black shows her beanie-clad in front of a green screen seemingly uncomfortable shaking her hips.

Yes, you're welcome.

What videos make you cringe and what are examples of great Kiwi videos?

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