Beauty of a role for Hamilton actress

00:07, Feb 10 2014
Aidee Walker
On set: Keep an eye out for Hamilton-born Aidee Walker, right, in new TV2 drama Step Dave. She is pictured on set as Jen, with business partner Cara (Sia Trokenheim).

A Hamilton-born actress will soon return to television screens in a new Kiwi drama, and has plans for two film projects of her own in the Waikato.

New Zealanders are likely to recognise Aidee Walker as Outrageous Fortune's Draska, or Kim from Nothing Trivial.

But from next Tuesday she will feature in the TV2 series Step Dave, described as a "light-hearted, feel-good family drama".

Dave is a 24-year-old bartender whose life changes drastically when he falls for older woman Cara, who has three kids. Walker's character Jenis Cara's "spunky" best friend and business partner in a beauty salon.

Walker is now based in Auckland, although she's often in Raglan, or back to visit her parents in Glenview.

Over the past couple of years she has juggled acting, writing, directing, and producing.


She has directed music videos for singer Anna Coddington, found time for some live theatre, and her short film Friday Tigers took out two awards at last year's New Zealand Film Festival.

That's in part how she got involved with Step Dave - she was asked to join the storylining team after members saw Friday Tigers at the film festival.

"I was really fortunate. They actually were watching something else and my film was just playing before it."

She fitted her first taste of storylining for television between performing in a play and other acting work.

And she was "relieved" to get a role in Step Dave too - "it definitely wasn't in the bag".

Her character Jen is unconventional, happily single "or so she thinks", and "spunky". "She's the girl that's always experienced the crazy thing. People will be like ‘who really has done that before?' and Jen will be like ‘I have'."

Days on the set can be "really long".

"You go in in the dark and you come out in the dark."

And other cast members are constantly trying to get her to spill plot details during filming, which will continue until mid-March.

But the busy schedule has meant Walker had to slow down other projects, a couple of which are Waikato-based.

But she is working on a short film to be shot in Hamilton in April, "about a woman returning to Hamilton to look after her estranged father". She will direct and act.

A feature film set in Hamilton is also in the pipeline.

Step Dave will air on TV2 at 8.30pm on Tuesdays, starting February 11.