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Raglan Roast cafe, Volcom Lane, Raglan.

Coffee review

'It's about being cool, and being in the lane.'

Beer review

I've long thought this classic is the best on-tap option commonly available.

Wine review

The Ned Sauvignon is deliciously fruity, in the typically New Zealand sauvignon style.

Cocktail review

Apparently, Cointreau has set a national challenge to bars that stock the fruity liqueur to make the best cocktail.

Cafe review

The sign politely asking folks to "Please remove your gumboots" made me smile.

Barfly: CBD Corner Pub

CBD small Barfly hits the second Hamilton Tweet Up

Wine review

2009 Clancy's Shiraz Cabernet Merlot Clancy's is a fine example of a gutsy winter red to accompany any hearty winter meal.

Beer review

There's more than a hint of novelty beer.

Coffee review

Cocktail review

Cocktail review

I love apple pie. But as a cocktail? Hell yeah.

Poetry wins over rugby

One of New Zealand’s leading Performance Poets Penny Ashton hosted the Poetry Idol. This was fast-paced and exciting and fun and I bet people who swear they loathe poetry would find joy in this.

Stunning portrayal

Upside Down of the World is one of those great scripts with moments of delight, intensity, and the most gut-wrenching drama.

Bobbing about on a gin sea

Bullet points right on target

Seductive and saucy

Sucking the dribbling teats of a nubile young woman dressed as a cow isn't everyone's idea of fun.

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