Brew sends Caffiend's heart aflutter

00:18, Jun 18 2014
FLAT WHITE: From Ward Street Espresso, #135.

The scene: Ward Street Espresso, #135, Hamilton central

The trade: Allpress (Browns Mill Building, Auckland)

Price per double flat white: $4.50

On the ground: A pair of vagabonds wandered over rivers, mountains and roads from one end of the country to the other, and now they're sitting with Caffiend at a Ward Street Espresso table basking in the winter sun, waiting for coffee.

The brews arrive.

Wanderer One, who doesn't drink coffee, takes a sip: "That is disgusting," he says, like it's a truth carved in granite.


The trio start debating the flavour of coffee. Caffiend argues that it's rich, complex and deep, in the league of chocolate and red wine. Wanderer Two suggests that it may be a lack of experience talking - in other words, Wanderer One's virgin tastebuds cannot handle the intensity. Wanderer One disagrees. Blue cheese, he says, is something that initially repulses him, but he's strangely drawn to it afterwards. The debate rages until something catches Wanderer One's eye in the near distance - an African beauty, he announces. The conversation takes a carnal turn as the coffee goes down, smoothly. It's all the wanderers could think about, tramping along, alone in the wilderness. Their thoughts would stray to a supple thigh, a flirtatious stare, the smell of a woman. Being among women again, Wanderer Two confessed, has sent his heart fluttering. The coffee house's brew did much same for Caffiend.

Verdict: 8 out of 10

Stimulus: The newbie in the newsroom likes coffee because it keeps her awake. It's also a habit to drink it in her car on the way to work. "It's smooth and delicious. I'm a plunger fiend, though, and I prefer that over espresso."