Cheers: Ordinary people drinking ordinary stuff

21:45, Sep 18 2012
18th Amendment: American Pale Ale.
Beer: 18th Amendment: American Pale Ale.

Ordinary people drinking ordinary stuff.


18th Amendment: American Pale Ale.

Wine: Mud House Pinot Noir 2010.
Wine: Mud House Pinot Noir 2010.

Boundary Road Brewery $6.99

An irony that names a beer after the law which enacted Prohibition could not be called sophisticated.

Boundary Road compounds the problem with weak, state-the-obvious jokes on the bottle, making clear the concept has less to do with history than novelty marketing.


Cocktail: Apple Cider.
Cocktail: Apple Cider.

It's hard to imagine 1920s bootleggers marvelling at the citrus "notes" or grassy hop aroma as they strong-armed speakeasy proprietors into ordering an extra case or two.

The congressional imagery is also misplaced. Where is James Cagney's sneering mug or that of Louis Armstrong? A pleasant enough drop, but it isn't of the Jazz Age.


By Richard Swainson


Mud House Pinot Noir 2010


Recently I have favoured syrah and shiraz over pinot noir, after finding many pinot noirs simply too hard going, too intense and too full of tannins for my simple palate.

So I was a little hesitant when the Wine Snob produced this bottle of Mud House Pinot Noir but, as it transpired, I was pleasantly surprised.

The wine has a smooth warm softness and delicious chocolaty spiciness that rather reminds me of a syrah.

It is thankfully without the nasty, hostile tannins I tend to associate with pinot noir. I matched the wine, rather inelegantly,with my sloppy lasagne and it was a most enjoyable pairing.

I may even rethink my aversion to pinot noir . . . maybe.


By Bernadette Kirkham


Apple Cider

Good George Brewery

Large $9, medium $7

OK: cider is not a cocktail. I get that. But it was a brand new bar and the cider was made on the premises. And not only are Good George Brewery's new digs really good, the apple cider is, too. It's up there in my top two ciders. It's refreshing, not too sweet, not too bitter and dangerously easy to drink.

If you haven't managed to swing by Good George Brewery's new premises on Somerset St, do it soon. It brews beer and cider onsite.

While there's just the one cider for now, management has promised there will be more. There are four beers on tap, but more to come. There's a spacious outdoor area and the food sounds delish, too. Probably a good thing our offices aren't in Frankton.


By Belinda Feek