War paint: Makeup trends made easy

22:30, Sep 18 2012

Makeup artist Michelle Devereux says the No 1 reason some women can't stand lip gloss is because their hair sticks to it.

We've all been there and it ain't pretty.

I've also found it's more likely to stick to my teeth than a lippy - another blot against its name.

Devereux has no answers for these irritants, but she is an advocate for a good gloss.

"Glosses are great, because if you're not in the mood to do much, you can put on a nice sheer gloss and a good one will enhance your lips because of the reflective qualities."

They are also conditioning on the lips - another plus. And perhaps the biggest plus of all is you don't need a mirror to put gloss on.


"My makeup bag is three bobby pins and the rest is lipsticks and glosses," says Devereux.

Whether you are a gloss or a lippy fan, start with a lip pencil every day.

I always hear this advice from makeup artists, but I have a red pencil that I can't draw on without extreme frustration (it is quite dry and it's hard to get it perfectly on the line). Devereux says the answer is to find a pencil that doesn't dry your lips out, in a nude colour, and don't worry about the outline of the lips - instead, think of it more as a filler that's creating a base for your lippy or gloss.

Michelle Devereux is a makeup artist and co-owner of Devereux and Villiger on Victoria St, Hamilton. Ph: 07 839 3851. Visit dandv.co.nz.