Thursday Throwback: Mt Ngauruhoe 1975

23:55, Nov 21 2012
Mount Ngauruhoe
Smoke and ash belching from Mount Ngauruhoe during violent eruptions.

Tongariro letting off steam on Wednesday got everyone excited, particularly since all the indications were that it would be the neighbouring Ruapehu which would go first.

Just proves you can't trust volcanoes. Of course, volcanoes erupting  are nothing new.

Tongariro erupted earlier this year and Ruapehu has been busy itself over the last decade or so, but it's been a while since we've seen much action out of Ngauruhoe.

Here's a photo of what's probably it's last eruption, back in 1975, which sent ash up to 11,000 metres into the air.

It stayed fairly active for a couple of years before before settling down again but it's a matter of time before she blows again.