Fashion fix: January 23

LADY IN RED: What will Jennifer Lawrence wear to the Oscars?
LADY IN RED: What will Jennifer Lawrence wear to the Oscars?

Deb says:

I can't believe the criminal alteration of this Dior gown Jennifer Lawrence wore to the Golden Globes has not been commented on.

Take a look at that: someone who didn't know what she was doinghas taken the top band up and the cups in at the outer edge. You can see the tacky big hand stitches on both areas quite clearly. See how the seam line on the cups goes from beautifully smooth to puckered?

That's where the stitching changes from original machine stitching to amateur hand-stitching.

I'm guessing Ms Lawrence didn't try the frock on till the last minute, found the bra cups much too large and had to rush around to fi nd someone who even had a needle and thread, let alone an inkling of what to do with them, to take them up at the last minute.

And this is the result. It's appalling. It's ruined the gown.That's silk satin. If you take the stitches out, the holes will remain.

Aimie says:

Deb zooms in on everything. I just take a quick look, decide if I like and always head for the price tag.

If I'd seen this dress before looking at it with her, I would've thought it was a couture Dior gown that cost thousands of dollars and was worth every cent.

Not any more. Jennifer Lawrence has clearly been doing her pilates and has gone down a cup size.

Then maybe she put it on after a couple of wines with friends and one of those friends has tried to fix it. In a dark room.

It's a criminal botch up of what is otherwise a stunning dress. Dior would've turned in his grave.