Fashion fix: Embroidered "Hi-Lo" Maxi

21:23, Jan 29 2013
Fashion fix
Embroidered maxi: Yay or nay?

Embroidered "Hi-Lo" Maxi, $49.99, from Glassons

Deb says: I'm tired of the mullet look. If you're not, this is cheap enough that you can wear it for the remainder of the warm weather and toss it at the end of it. It's an excellent execution of an idea I talked about last time: Keep the design simple if what you're trying to do is to show off the fabric, in this case a lovely high-contrast print. The print, however, is the only thing I like about this.

Aimie says: One of my favourite jobs is to find the weekly person to fill our Street Smart column on page 3.

As I work through my list of questions with them, more often than not when I reach the part about trends they dislike currently, they don't miss a beat: mullet skirts. Time and again people say it, and yet mullet skirts still seem to be popping up in high and low end stores. Admittedly, I don't mind a subtle mullet - a slightly lower hemline at the back - but an extreme one, as is the case with this dress, is not OK. What adds insult to injury is the pattern on the front. It looks like a nasty tramp stamp from the late 1990s has been uplifted from someone's lower back and heaved on to this shocker. I'd wear it to a bad taste dress-up party but that's the only use I can think of for it. Sorry, Glassons, but fail.

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