Caffiend: The Verandah Cafe

19:23, Feb 06 2013
The Verandah Cafe,
The Verandah Cafe, Lake Rotoroa, Hamilton.

The Scene: The Verandah Cafe, Lake Rotoroa, Hamilton

The Trade: Altura coffee

Source: Brazil

Price per double flat white: $4.20

Barista: Nameless #1

On the Ground: Cover. Blown. When Caffiend came clean about his purpose at The Verandah Cafe, the barista said, "I thought so." And, "So how was the coffee?" While the one word answer, "Good," filled the dead air, the coffee wasn't exceptional.


Caffiend ordered at 8am. Out front there was a full moon hanging over an oily Lake Rotoroa and a city parks man collecting litter on the picnic lawn.

The barista-slash-checkout lady was matter-of-fact. Have here or take away? Regular or large?

"Regular, please - is that double shot?"

"No, we only do double shots in a large cup."

Fortunately, an exception was made and Caffiend sat outside on the expansive deck admiring the grounds - perhaps The Verandah's greatest asset.

For that reason, as well as varied reports, Caffiend was dubious. The brew arrived fast. It had thick foam on top, more like a bastard cappuccino than a flat white. It could have been a few degrees warmer, but the coffee was satisfying enough. Caffiend practically inhaled it and drove to work with one thought on his mind - what gave me away?

The Verdict:  6 out of 10, big ups for embracing breast feeding.

Stimulus: Coffea is a genus of flowering plant whose seeds are used to make coffee. The shrubs or small trees are native to tropical and southern Africa, and tropical Asia.