Caffiend: Cinnamon Cafe

Cinnamon Cafe, St Andrews, Hamilton
Cinnamon Cafe, St Andrews, Hamilton

The Scene: Cinnamon Cafe, St Andrews, Hamilton

The Trade: Weka Coffee [roasted in Frankton]

Price per dbl f/w: $4

Barista: Sarah Alloway

On the Ground: Someone's Cinnamon Girl was sitting alone on the Cinnamon Cafe deck when Caffiend and a colleague parked at 201 Sandwich Rd before noon.

She smiled gently as they walked by and all Caffiend could think about was Neil Young, singing - "You see us together, chasing the moonlight, my cinnamon girl."

Service at the checkout was friendly, efficient and accurate. It was also the cheapest double shot Caffiend has so far forked out for. Nor was the request for a double shot required as it's a given at Cinnamon.

After a short wait spent chatting about the state of newspaper companies and applied economics, the brews arrived. Caffiend's cup had a slight grit in the crema infused froth. And the taste, while pleasant, wasn't quite right.

Caffiend likened Cinnamon Cafe to girls he has known. In particular, the ones that fail to turn heads on the street but glow when their attentive eyes fall on yours. Caffiend would happily return to Cinnamon.

Stimulus: Caffeine exists at varying potency in seeds, leaves and fruit of some plants where it acts as a natural pesticide. It paralyses and kills certain insects feeding on the plants.

The Verdict: 7 out of 10, smiles go a long way.