We like, we don't, win this


1. Reader Pat Thomas likes that there are now recycling collections in the country. Thank you, Waikato District Council!

2. Morris Broadbent likes the ring road open through to Ruakura Rd - much quicker to Silverdale than via Peachgrove Rd.

3. Anne Savage likes the African and Indian wildlife art display by artist Roy Gallagher on show at Sandz Gallery, 6 Kent St, Frankton.

4. Vicky Noorland says everyone should check out socialangels.co.nz. It's crowd-sourcing for various charities. Have a look to see if something strikes your fancy.

5. The Wellington Ukulele Orchestra is playing tomorrow at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival.


1. Reader Robert Anson doesn't like the price of ice cream - it's more expensive than petrol, he says.

2. Frank Bailey hates driving south on Victoria St, supposedly Hamilton's main thoroughfare, and being held up by the traffic lights at the Bryce St intersection - only to be stopped again a whole 40 metres on at the Claudelands Bridge turnoff.

3. "Antique Fair" signs - it should be Antiques Fair. It's not the fair that's old. 4. Z petrol station forecourt people who take coffee orders - we'd rather you pumped the petrol. 5. Cabby Keytes dislikes "made in China" labels. Curse that free trade agreement, and now they are buying our prime dairy land!


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#SRC# The winner of the Microsoft hardware bundle was George Stuart, of Paraparaumu.


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