Caffiend: Mozaik Caffe

21:16, Feb 26 2013
Mozaik Caffe
Mozaik Caffe, Te Awa, Hamilton.

The Scene: Mozaik Caffe, Te Awa, Hamilton

The Trade: Zigana Espresso

Price per double flat white: $4.80

Barista: Mandeep Chauhan

On the Ground: Caffiend was down on the state of Waikato's coffee when he walked alone into Mozaik. He expected another forgettable experience. Outside in the cool shade were mothers, babies and assorted family members chatting happily. The young man behind the till was sharp, helpful and warm. Caffiend took the table beside the floor-to-ceiling window and watched the people file in and out of the iwi-owned mall. Mozaik is a prime spot for people watching. Caffiend was observing a young woman with black high heels, long legs, a short white skirt and long purple hair when the coffee arrived.

The waiter also delivered a tall glass of chilled water - the perfect match.


Let it be known that Mandeep Chauhan knows how to make coffee. After just three months and a bout of professional training, he's making smooth, rich, satisfying brews with the perfect depth of froth. At least in this case he did.

It was hands down Caffiend's best cup to date. He'll definitely be back - probably more than once.

The Verdict: 9 out of 10. Docket note - "Thanks for choosing us."

Stimulus: Coffee was first banned in 1511, by the head of Mecca's religious police. In 1675, Charles II banned coffeehouses from England. Frederick the Great followed suit in 1777, forbidding coffee roasting in Prussia except in official government establishments. -