Tweets of the week

CHIEFS BABY: Tim Nanai-Williams hopes to replace Dan Carter as the go-to man for underwear ads in NZ rugby.
CHIEFS BABY: Tim Nanai-Williams hopes to replace Dan Carter as the go-to man for underwear ads in NZ rugby.

From SBW's six-pack successor to our longed-for fog, who tweeted what, and why, this week.



Mummys Boy (@paulie_muliaga): "My boy Kimo from the Waikato Chiefs rocking his "BLACK" pearls! All day every day every damn day!"

- Tim Nanai-Williams leaves SBW in the shade.


Higher learning

Just Me (@lisapeilua): ''My cousin gave me a tour around Waikato Uni. Actually is nicer than AU lol''.

- Prettiest in the world, we say.

Waikato represent

Lana Searle (@SEARLE_GIRL): ''My homesick shrine #northland #Waikato #mooloo #chiefs #rugby #morefm #pinboard #shrine hahaha''

- Like Richard Marx sung we will be right here waiting when you get back Lana. Awesome photo of your Waikato shrine.


Jail burger?

Joshua Drummond (@cakeburger): ''Final #MoncktonLive: Monckton says to security guard 'Please escort this man [me] from the premises'.''

- Ever the professional, Joshua tweeted right up to the very bitter end.

Not saying nothin'

Gerald Urquhart (@GeraldUrquhart): ''Paul Simon: Who plays here? Crowd: The Highlanders! PaulSimon: Are they any good? Crowd: Uuuuummmm...''

- Okay, we will say something. That is really funny!


This, however, is not funny

Hika elliot (@temumba): ''After 8seasons wearing the magpies jersey its sad tht i wont be back in the colours i grew to love... #hbthroughandthrough''

- Always room for you in the Mooloo dressing shed we reckon Hika.


Chiefs, baby

Chiefs Rugby (@ChiefsRugby) ''#WeCantBeInARelationshipIf support the Reds.''

- It's a 100 per cent deal breaker. Waratahs and we never speak to you again.


Ryhmes with... shackle?

Quade Cooper (@QuadeCooper): ''I remember there was this thing I used to do at night..... If I can recall correctly it was called 'sleep'.''

 - Some might also remember a time when Quade Cooper could tackle. Or was that all a dream?


News you can use

Hamilton CityCouncil (@CouncilHamilton): ''Did you know....The four Waikato Stadium light towers are 50m high and have 250 bulbs per head! Interesting huh?''

- Keep this ace up your sleeve until you hit the Green Zone and really impress your mates.


Hamilton Fog Dome

Blue Sheep (@BlueSheepNZ): ''Missed you Waikato fog. Drive safe.. #lovethetron''

- It would have missed us too. To remind you of what fog looks like here's Blue Sheep's photo of said fog.

New building watch

Grizeldasma (@grizeldasma): ''It's been fun watching Citygate changes from the top of the Wintec steps.#lovethetron"

- Let us know what it looks like when it's finished, will you please?

Kicking goals

Steve Verkley (@Ukalaylee): ''Picnic and a sneaky sleep at the Lake! life is Grand.''

- Living the dream, Steve, living the dream.


Sirocco loves DOC

Sirocco Kakapo(@Spokesbird): ''Skraaarrk! I do love all the work DOC does to look after me and my kakapo pals.''

- And we love Sirocco, so by default we should all love DOC too

Food for thought

Tracey Cooper (@traceyrcooper): ''If they make hospital food in Ak and Chch only, how would it taste by the time it got to Gissy? How much would it cost to get it there?''

- Maybe we can ask Tim Macindoe to ask someone higher up the rung?

What the?

Matt Dwyer (@dwyerdwelling): ''The man in the wizard outfit on the village green was terrifying #debates #waikato''.

- Nope, we've got no idea either.