Witches, wizards appear on Waikato Waldorf School grounds

Children aged between 7-13 from the Waikato Waldorf School, dress up in costume ready for the Medieval Carnival at the ...

Children aged between 7-13 from the Waikato Waldorf School, dress up in costume ready for the Medieval Carnival at the end of the month.

Witches by their cauldrons, knights jousting for the princesses affection and jesters entertaining the crowd.

When you walk into Waldorf School next weekend  you will be transported to another world. 

The Hamilton school's annual Medieval Carnival returns for its 21st year, pulling out all the stops.

"This is going to be our biggest event ever," teacher and organiser Anna Blackler​ said.

"Last year was so successful we've had to really step up if we're going to top it." 

Not only will the Rototuna school be transformed into a medieval village on Sunday, March 26, but inside, visitors will find all sorts of activities to take part in.

Stop by the candle making site or, if crystals entice you, try panning for some. 

Don't forget to stop by the blacksmiths or traders, they may point you in the right direction for wooden sword making. 

The witches and wizards inside their potion house can help you construct your own magic wand. 

Professional jousting team Guild of the Hawk will show off some full contact armoured jousting throughout the day. Those inspired can try their hand at wooden horse jousting.

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Students from the school will be dressed in medieval garb and visitors are welcome to do the same, Blackler​ said.

"The event has grown considerably in recent years.  Part of the unique charm of the carnival is the enormous range of art, craft and children' s games.

"It'll be a really authentic experience," she said.

Big castle walls will go up and banquet tables will be laid out before the merry band starts to play.

The event is a highlight for many of the students and their families, who help out by making the crafts for the stalls. 

The children at Waldorf also learn about medieval history, Blackler​ said, so enjoy seeing it come to life.

The carnival is the school's main fundraiser and this year, funds raised will be used to expand facilities such as the school hall and playground.

Waikato Waldorf Community Medieval Carnival, Sunday, March 26 between 10am and 3pm, 85 Barrington Dr, Rototuna, Hamilton. The event is open to all and is free entry. 

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