Bosses become stunt doubles to abseil Hamilton city building

Deloitte partner Doug Wilson with Jeff and Kelly Olsen, who are representing Washworld Te Rapa for this year's Drop Your ...

Deloitte partner Doug Wilson with Jeff and Kelly Olsen, who are representing Washworld Te Rapa for this year's Drop Your Boss.

There will be no stunt doubles descending the four-storey Deloitte building next month, just bosses.

The annual Drop Your Boss event will kick off on April 8, and Hamilton managers, directors and employees will abseil down the side of the Deloitte building, above spectators and passers-by on Anzac Parade.

But Cindy Borrie said you don't need to be a boss to rappel down the building. Anyone can give it a go.

The exhilarating drop is part of an annual fundraiser for the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

Each dropper has a fundraising target of $500 with the aim to raise more than $30,000 for running programmes for Waikato youth.

Washworld​ Te Rapa owner Kelly Olsen has plucked up the nerve to make the descent, and credits the Graeme Dingle Foundation for giving her the courage to do so.

"The programme is great for our youth and they are an amazing organisation. It really is a no-brainer. They are a charity I whole-heartedly believe in. 

"I don't know if there's many things that would make me leap off a building," she said.

But Kelly has yet to convince her husband Jeff to make the jump. He will be supporting the cause from the ground. 

The event begins around 10am and to help subdue the nervous jitters, each dropper can choose an abseil song.

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Whether it be tounge-in-cheek like Van Halen's​ Jump or R. Kelly's I Believe I Can Fly, the theme songs guarantee a bit of a laugh and theatricality.

A video will also be made of the contenders, as a reminder of the day they abseiled​ off a city building.

Deloitte partner Doug Wilson said the company has always been keen supporters of Drop Your Boss. It will be the second year the four-story building's vertical surface has been used to abseil off.

To become a boss, email, or to help raise funds visit

Hamilton droppers:

William Durning, CE, Waikato Chamber of Commerce
Jo-Anne Henry, Owner/Manager, Little Waikato Scholars
Rupert Bain, Team Bain and Bain, Harcourts
​Bec Larianova, Team Leader, Spark
Kelly Olsen, Washworld Te Rapa
Phil Hyde, Senior Associate, NWM
Nigel Clarke, Executive GM Customer Operations, Genesis Energy
Richard Jeffares, Chief Operating Office, Ultrafast Fibre
Cindy Borrie, Emote Marketing

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