Pumice's gym-junkie friendly menu

21:22, Dec 06 2013
Pumice head chef Carl Houben
Pumice head chef Carl Houben cooks up a low-calorie, but delicious, feast.

The age-old theory that you should never trust a skinny cook has been debunked by a Hamilton restaurant - and its latest venture looks set to catch on.

Those looking to slim down this summer, but still enjoy a Christmas feast, can rejoice as Pumice Restaurant has teamed up with Hamilton nutritionist Jake Campus to design a menu that is gym-junkie friendly.

Pumice Group owner and chef David Kerr said they took the food plan Mr Campus usually sets for his clients and "shzuzzed it up a little bit", making it look and taste fantastic. And the proof is in the pudding.

While developing the menu Mr Kerr has been following Mr Campus' diet plan and has dropped 25 kilograms since June. "My wife's certainly liking having a skinnier chef," he said.

The new menu is already popular and was a trial for the Pumice Food Group's new cafe at the Cambridge Avantidrome.

Mr Campus said the menu was something his clients had been screaming out for, as they found it difficult to stick to a healthy diet when out with friends.


"It's human nature to socialise around food but when you're trying to achieve a goal . . . it can be really hard to socialise without that food aspect." Each item on the menu has a breakdown of the calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat so diners know what they are eating.

Phoenix Group director Darrel Hadley said the health kick movement was a "major international trend" and the group's new Rototuna bar, Good Neighbour, would feature calorie counts on meals.

"We're all over it and it's going to be a big feature of all of our menus in the future," he said.

Lawrenson Group director John Lawrenson said he recognised the move toward healthy diets and Lawrenson outlets already had menus featuring "paleo" meals.

The group was taking it one step further and looking at injecting some adrenaline into some of its bars by offering protein shakes.