Fashion fix

21:28, Dec 11 2013
fashion fix
A model presents a creation from the Alexandre Herchcovitch 2014 winter collection during Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Deb says: I make allowances for catwalk, but I simply can't forgive this. It's a raincoat - if you zoom in, that leopard print is shiny, so it's plastic of some sort. And the elastic waist? On a man? And check the gloves - no thumbs in them. And what's with the shorts? They look like a heavy wool. Over nylon leggings. The clincher is the very ordinary blue check shirt underneath it all, as if one needed a last, surreal note. I can actually see this on a woman. I wouldn't like it, but I can see it. On a man? Yikes. What were they thinking?

Aimie says: First up, why does he have mud all over his face? I don't get it. That aside, I like it. This was one of the more upbeat looks in the collection by Brazillian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch - other pieces are decidedly goth. The bold mixing of prints works with the underplayed black skinny jeans and boots. Look closely and you'll see cut out gloves that are kind of creepy, but other than that he reminds me of a playful dandy. I see Edmund from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. This look's going places.