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WHAT'S YOUR SECRET: Edwina Rimmington, 65, says less is best.
WHAT'S YOUR SECRET: Edwina Rimmington, 65, says less is best.

Edwina Rimmington, 65, wears her own clothes (top from Nes on Barton St, pants from Madisons of Cambridge, shoes from Footloose).

"My style has changed completely since Russ was mayor. When he lost the mayoralty, we decided to go sailing and I took all the suits from my wardrobe, put them on the floor, and they disappeared. Now I have a casual wardrobe.

"I'm pretty simple, I don't overdo stuff - I think less is best. And I'm a bit of a trouser girl, I have always preferred them, because I think it gives a bit more length.

"I tend to wear a lot of black, but I added a bit of lime green and tangerine this season, which goes really well with blacks.

"I love shoes. I go for a bit of colour in the shoes - I have an orange pair that match the new Prada bag I picked up when I was overseas.

"I've always been pretty keen on makeup. I would never go without it. I did a lot of modelling when I was young and we didn't have makeup artists, so we learned to do it ourselves.

"There are no rules when it comes to makeup - wear whatever you like. But when it comes to skincare, always cleanse, tone and moisturise. Keep your skin clean and fed."


Photo Op under eye brightener, $48, under eye primer, $48, pore and line primer, $60, dark spot correcting primer, $76; Liquid Halo foundation, $75, Halo blush in warm glow, $48, Halo mineral powder, $95; Always Sharp waterproof kohl eyeliner in sumatra, $46l; Photo Op eye shadow trio in litho, $55; Full Exposure mascara, $52; Bronze Lights sunkissed matte contouring powder, $48; Legendary lipstick in legendary, $45. All from Smashbox.

Michelle's makeup tips for 65-plus

Be careful that the skin doesn't get overloaded with products. Prep is essential. You are looking for products that will fill in lines and pores, so your primers become much more important. You want your skin to be prepped so it looks as smooth as possible. Use a lightly textured foundation and powder so it doesn't look dry and lined. Choose your technology well, so that you have products doing double time. Smashbox Liquid Halo is a must foundation for the over 50s. Instead of a heavy eye, go for a pop of colour on the cheek and lip.

Makeup by Michelle Devereux at Devereux & Villiger, Casabella Lane, ph 07 839 3851.