Cocktail time: Summer in a glass

00:35, Dec 13 2013
WHAT IS IT? A Wild Tea Sour cocktail from Easy Tiger, $17.

Wild Tea Sour

Absolut Wild Tea, elderflower syrup, spiced berry, ginger, honey syrup, egg white and lime.

Easy Tiger, 186 Victoria St, Hamilton

Hello sunshine, how nice of you to return - even if it was only for a day. Given the past few weeks of unpredictable weather, tsk tsk, The Bartender and I jump at the chance to cool down with a cocktail while the sun graces Hamilton with its presence.

Hood and Victoria St are lined with like-minded folk soaking up the sun's last hours of warmth before nightfall. 

Our watering hole of choice is Easy Tiger. It's almost empty, just the way we like it. It won't stay that way for long, it never does. 


Drinks chosen, we settle on the couches outside and muse over how Christmas shopping always ends with replenishing our own  summer wardrobes.

The cocktails arrive shortly after.  Something dark is sprinkled on top. What is it, I ask. My companion, The Bartender - not to be confused with the bartender at Easy Tiger -  doesn't know. We shrug and take a sip. It's refreshingly cold and slightly sour as was to be expected. The combination of elderflower syrup, ginger, and lime hits the spot.

Conversation begins to flow again only to be interrupted by an The Bartender's excited squeal upon finding a thick layer of honey at the bottom of the cocktail. Once stirred, the cocktail became a lovely mix of sweet and sour.

Summer in a glass.