Caffiend: The Convenient Cow

23:55, Dec 17 2013
FLAT WHITE: From The Convenient Cow, 8102 State Highway 26, Hikutaia.

The scene: The Convenient Cow, 8102 State Highway 26, Hikutaia

The trade: Burton's coffee

Price per double shot flat white: $4

On the ground: There's no udder place like it, apparently. Of course, the lens man and Caffiend had not heard this piece of docket wisdom when they pulled over outside the cafe. They'd stopped in the rural hamlet for, as the name suggests, convenience. The counter was deserted when they walked in. A minute later, still nobody. Time ticked by. Was there someone here? What are they doing in there? Then a lady poked her head out. "So and so will be just a minute." After what seemed like five minutes, a woman emerged from the door and sorted our orders.

The lens man said: "Are these pies warm?" No doubt. He raved about the quality of his morning bite, but the coffee was like many udder middle-of-the-road joints Caffiend had set foot in. The frothed milk was OK. The taste was slightly burnt and a little off somehow. Still, both the lens man and Caffiend finished their brews and they'd be willing to give the Convenient Cow another chance.

Verdict: 6 out of 10. Docket: "Thank you call again."

Stimulus: The world's best baristas will gather in Rimini, Italy, next June for the prestigious World Barista Championship. This year's world champion was Pete Licata from the United States.