Three crafty Christmas ideas

00:06, Dec 19 2013
Craft Christmas ideas
LUXURIOUS SANTA SACKS: Hot pink and pale sage satin, stripes and bobble fringe give these Santa sacks designed by Bos Interiors, in Anglesea St, a modern edge.
Crafty Christmas ideas
OH CHRISTMAS TREE: Christmas tree with a difference and wooden ornaments from Nood.
Crafty Christmas ideas
OH CHRISTMAS TREE: Wooden Christmas tree with Kiwiana decorations from Nood.
Craft Christmas ideas
TRADITIONAL WREATH: Secure foliage with decorative wire.
Craft Christmas ideas
TRADITIONAL WREATH: Use a glue gun to fix decorations to your wreath.
Crafty Christmas ideas
TRADITIONAL WREATH: A truly modern Christmas wreath from Amy’s Flowers, on Rifle Range Rd in Dinsdale.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... and we're doing itour way, summer way. Danielle Heyns asked local creatives to concoct some fresh DIY ideas that would have our guests talking for days. They came up with these original twists on traditional Christmas concepts and we think we're in love.


Kristie Davey and the team from Amy's Flowers in Hamilton made this gorgeous Christmas wreath. With its hot pink and mixed metallics, it's very now. What door wouldn't love wearing this bit of bling.

You'll need:

Polystyrene wreath

Assortment of different shaped and sized Christmas baubles


Your choice of artificial flowers or anything glittery

Fresh conifer foliage (or another evergreen foliage like pine)

Hot glue gun

Decorative wire on a reel

1.5m of ribbon

6 pearl-headed pins

Step 1: Pin and fold the ribbon on to the back of the wreath to cover the underneath part.

Step 2: Cut foliage to size and in groupings place on to the wreath and wrap around decorative wire to secure. Working in one direction, repeat this to cover the entire wreath.

Step 3: Once the wreath is covered, secure the foliage by wrapping the decorative wire around multiple times. This will prevent any coming loose, and will give a lovely effect.

Step 4: Begin to glue the baubles in a focal point at the base of the wreath. Put a generous amount of hot glue at the back and hold in position for a few seconds. Start with larger shapes and work around them, filling gaps with smaller ones. Create a half-moon shape with the baubles.

Step 5: Finish off by checking around your groupings of decorations and foliage for any gaps and fill if needed. Get creative and add another small grouping at the top of the wreath or cover the whole thing with as many baubles and flowers as you desire. Hang by tying ribbon around the top of the wreath. Enjoy!

Christmas wreath packs are available at Amy's Flowers(pre-order only).



Kim Cruickshank and her team from Bos Interiorsin Hamilton designed these gorgeous Santa sackswith bauble trimming

You'll need:

Main fabric - 1m x 1m

Contrast fabric - strip 1m x 25cm

Lining fabric - 1m x 1m

Stiff ening buckram - 1m x 10cm

Decorative fringing - 1m



Needle and thread

Sewing machine

Step 1: Cut a circle in the main fabric -29cm in diameter.

Step 2: Cut a rectangle in the main fabric 88cm x 55cm.

Step 3: Turn inside out (right sidestogether), pin and sew together the sides of the rectangle (55cmhigh), then join the circle to thebase.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 with the lining fabric, making the inner slightly smaller in size.

Step 5: Join the lining and the main fabric together along the top edge.

Step 6: Cut a strip of contrast fabric touse as a cuff at the top.

Step 7: Double over the contrast fabric with a strip of stiffening(buckram) between the two layers.

Step 8: Turn inside out, pin and sew cuffon to the top of the sack.

Step 9: Turn the sack back the right way and attach the strip of decorative fringing at the bottom of the cuff by hand. Place under the Christmas tree with milk and cookies and wait for Santa to arrive.

Similar fabrics and bobble fringe available from Bos Interiors. Buckram is availableat Spotlight.



Traditional trees can be fussy, especially if you're in a small bach over the festive season.

Try doing something more summery and creative, like using driftwood, bare branches, tree bark (a quickcoat of copper spray paint looks marvellous) or Christmas cards stuck to the wall in a triangular shape.

If there's no time to make your own, youcan buy creative trees, likethese from Nood. The light brown one costs $199 and comes with the perspex Kiwiana decorations, but you can mix things up by decorating it differently every year.

And we love the black one: it's a tree, but clearly not a pinetree. It doesn't even mimic a traditional Christmas tree shape. This means you can even use it as an ornament for the rest of the year.  

It costs $49.99 and the lovely wooden decorations are $49.99 for a set of three.