Caffiend: Botannix Cafe

02:15, Jan 23 2014
FLAT WHITE: From Botannix Cafe, Palmers Garden Store, Frankton.

The scene: Botannix Cafe, Palmers Garden Store, Frankton

The trade: Sierra coffee

Price per double flat white: $4.50

On the ground: "No mail is good mail," the man said. "It means there are no bills to pay." His children did not notice, of course. They were too busy going in and out the door of a wooden playhouse. "Hi, Dad," squeaked the girl, peeking out the front door.

This is the kind of thing you will see while taking caffeine at Botannix.

There is a veranda and it is sheltered from both the wind and the sounds of capitalism and the transfer station next door. The young women at the counter were friendly. Caffiend left his wallet in the car and they said he could pay next time round. Amazing, considering they had never seen him there before. The brew was slightly on the expensive side. The milk had a few fat bubbles over the creamy froth but they did not detract too much from the presentation. The taste was satisfying enough.


Not a destination for espresso cognoscenti, yet a suitable place for a quiet cup among plants.

Verdict: 6 out of 10. Take time to smell the roses.

Stimulus: "In a coffee house just now among the rabble I bluntly asked, which is the treason table," Malone, 1618 (The Devil's Cup).