Where are they now: Waikato's neediest pets

01:25, Jan 24 2014
Bailey the dog
WELCOME HOME: Bailey, formerly known as Tinsel, roamed the streets as a stray for six week.s

Bailey's new owners wanted a dog with some spunk, and they certainly seem to have got it.

The puppy came careening in from the garden to see who the visitor was, licked everyone she could reach, and then thought she might try nibbling a handbag mistakenly put on the floor.

The energetic Labrador/Staffordshire Terrier cross pup was one of 11 animals in a Waikato Times article before Christmas about the region's 11 neediest pets.

At the time she was called Tinsel, and in the care of Hamilton City Council animal control.

As of 18 January , she has a new home in Glenview with the Ingram family, and a new name.

Tanya Ingram was more or less sold when she saw Bailey's picture.


''She had a gorgeous face. She's got really pointy ears and quite cheeky-looking sparkly eyes and she just looked quite a character. We kind of want a dog with a bit of character and spunk,'' she said.

''She's a cool dog so we're happy.''

The family's previous dog had to be put down three years ago and they had been waiting for the right moment to get another, promising the kids a puppy.

When they found ''Tinsel'' on the Pets On The Net site, they decided to give her another chance at life.

The puppy had spent almost six weeks in the pound after she was found by animal control, scrawny and roaming the streets.

For the first few days with the Ingrams she was a bit subdued.

''She just wouldn't leave us alone. Whereas today her personality's starting to come out - for sure,'' Mrs Ingram said.

She became brave enough to investigate the garden, and attracted plenty of attention when she went to Hamilton Lake.

''The kids have been doing laps of the house with her outside .... to get rid of the energy,'' Mrs Ingram said.

''They've being playing with her heaps and saying they how much they love her already, and it's quite cool.''

Eight-year-old Grace said Bailey was ''cheeky'' and ''adorable''.

She and her brother have had to pick up all their toys so they don't get chewed on, but Bailey is always a ready playmate.

Grace has already discovered how much Bailey loves a tug of war, especially with her special toy which releases a treat.

And five-year-old Ryan has learned to be on the alert if he's holding a ball while Bailey's around, because she tends to take it out of his hands.

Bailey's next adventure is going on a camping holiday with the family.


Hamilton City Council

Two other pets found new homes: Charlie - a 5 1/2-year-old male Lhasa Apso Cross- and Benji - a male Fox terrier around three years old. Goldilocks and the Three Bears had homes lined up but unfortunately caught the contagious virus parvo and had to be euthanized.

Greyhounds As Pets

Knocka, male greyhound, 4, living with a family of three generations in Auckland.

Snozz, male greyhound, 3, rehomed with a young couple in Hamilton.

Waikato SPCA

Crossbred female pup Laveda went to a family with two young children on a lifestyle block.

Billy the bunny was adopted by SPCA executive officer Sara Elliott-Warren.

Also in new homes are cats Tinkerbelle, 11, and Haleigh, 3-5

Pitbull Rescue Waikato

May, an 8-month-old female believed to be a heeler cross with pitbull is ''still looking for her furever home'' but there has been some interest in her through Pets on the Net.